Our Program

Science on Ice is an amazing field trip opportunity for schools and community groups that combines science lessons, physical education, and ice skating fun. Students in 5th or 6th grades have the chance to learn science concepts in the unique setting of the Palouse Ice Rink in Moscow, Idaho.

Engaging Lessons

We want to make sure children learn concepts such as Newton's Laws of Motion and the properties of water in a fun and novel way. Our theorical lessons are combined with fun experiments on and off the ice, blending together to create an engaging learning environment.

Practice or Learn to Skate!

Following the science activities, students will put on skates and have instruction on the basics of ice skating, and how the concepts learned apply to ice skating.
Beginners will learn forward and backwards skating and stops, and will play games to increase confidence on the ice. More advanced skaters will work on crossovers, hockey stops and basic twirls. All skaters will learn safety tips.

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